Blogger Backlash

If you were online yesterday, specifically within the blogging community, you may (or may not) have noticed a form of backlash, as most bloggers responded to a post which caused a lot of upset, particularly to beauty bloggers. Continue reading Blogger Backlash


A Student Experience.

If it seems like I’ve neglected my blog recently, your assumptions hold nothing but the truth. But I respectfully cannot apologise as this change in my life would have undoubtedly prompted some time away from writing. As you all know I’ve started university and am currently weeks into the course. It’s interesting. There is a compelling amount of work and reading and assignments and more … Continue reading A Student Experience.

Sobering Justice

This is a quick short fictional extract I wrote. This is more or less the first attempt, so advice and comments are welcome (do leave some constructive criticism, even.) ***** It was in his moment of complete sobriety where his drunken accusations unfolded upon a inhospitable court room. No doubt he could have escaped the forced silence of hushed voices and muffled coughs if there weren’t a officer … Continue reading Sobering Justice

Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt In My 19 Years.

Today is my 19th birthday. Since i’m nineteen today – [wow, nineteen. I’m an adult. I mean, yes, I was already one for the past 365 days but this is getting serious. I have questions. Like, can I still ask for a child ticket when travelling by the bus? Can I still watch disney movies? Can I still eat coco pops in the morning or … Continue reading Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt In My 19 Years.

Take A Moment

If it’s not YouTube, then it’s this fast pace society we currently live in. It’s almost becoming impossible to keep up with everything, whilst trying to maintain a normal, functional lifestyle. It’s like we’re living a modern crisis. Not a destructive one as such, but not a healthy one either. There are just so many distractions all around us, trying to grab our attention. I’ve probably … Continue reading Take A Moment