Half Empty or Half Full

The expression ‘Is the glass half empty or half full’ has been highlighted for many years, as a way to distinguish a pessimist from an optimist.

The meaning behind the expression emphasises our way of standard thinking. Be it positive or negative. Optimistic or pessimistic. Misguided hopelessness or practical realism. Our ability to reflect on life and the opportunities ahead of us are compressed into a single question.

‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’

An optimist would say the glass is half full, as they see the air as an opportunity to add and improve their life.

A pessimist would say the glass is half empty, as they see something lacking from their life.

OR you could be a realist and remind everyone that it’s JUST a glass of water – and drink it. Opportunitist, maybe? (I tried there, but it didn’t work)

In other situations:

A waiter would probably hurry to refill the glass before the customer finishes it.

The university student would sigh at the idea of yet another seemingly pointless assignment. Attempt to understand the question, sit for hours clueless and look for example answers instead.

A consultant says he would like to examine the glass before making any further comments.

The mathematician would measure the circumference and height of the glass, work out the volume of the water and subtract the surface against the proportion of liquid. The answer: x m3/s or something just as ridiculous (disclaimer: not a mathematician.)

A gardener would place freshly cut flowers in the glass of water.

The judge would sit in silence over the well-conveyed evidence presented by both defence and prosecution lawyers. The fingerprints matched the DNA of the offender. The verdict: “Guilty”.


I’d like to see a glass half full. I see that there are lots of areas to improve from and accomplish. I’m still young. I have so much to learn and grow from, it would be silly to think otherwise.


13 thoughts on “Half Empty or Half Full

  1. I love the way you addressed the prompt… I think i should also actially participate in these prompts rather than just follow the Daily Post

    A parent would see a cup of water left to be poured out when its time to wash the dishes……


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