Sobering Justice

This is a quick short fictional extract I wrote. This is more or less the first attempt, so advice and comments are welcome (do leave some constructive criticism, even.)


It was in his moment of complete sobriety where his drunken accusations unfolded upon a inhospitable court room. No doubt he could have escaped the forced silence of hushed voices and muffled coughs if there weren’t a officer by either side. There was no way he could have fled. He didn’t seem aggressive or angry. Sure, he killed a man. But maybe they hadn’t understood the full story. Innocent until proven guilty, as they say. That didn’t look like the case here. It seemed like the occupants in the court had already made their mind up.

Avoiding obligatory small talk was something he was used to. Never quite familiar with expressing his emotions; appearing decadent. This was doing him no justice. Not for his apprehensive family sitting two rows behind him.

Cheers for reading.





5 thoughts on “Sobering Justice

  1. The first sentence drew me in. Such a great read, however I think in terms of literature, this is too short to be a short story. No character development, problem/solution, etc.


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