Watching The Lion King!

London. Gorgeously hot weather. And the LION KING.

So the other week, I’d taken a trip to the City of Westminster. I love the atmosphere within the city of London. People of all different cultures, religions, races gather. Speaking in difference languages and communicating with different mannerisms. It feels as though you’re living the world of different nations in one city.

Not only was it an all rounded nice day, but we’d gone to visit a West End theatre; The Lyceum Theatre. Holding around 2,100 people; creating a large viewing of an audience. It’s red and gold interior is wonderfully designed. The atmosphere is very bold and grand. Thus, making the experience of the show better.

If you’ve had the joy of  watching the lion king live in theatres, you would know that I write this post with extreme joy and amazement. It was grand and colourful. The story is choreographed in a elegant yet convincing manner. The animals they create and portray are incredible. Needless to mention the young and adult actors who performed well. I highly recommend going to see the show if you can. You won’t be disappointed! Experiencing a good performance also makes me miss the adrenaline and creativity of acting!

(I recommend theatres to cinemas.)

Thank you! Hope you have had a good few weeks.


P.S It’s still upsetting when Mufasa dies! #TheLionKing


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