Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt In My 19 Years.

Today is my 19th birthday.

Since i’m nineteen today

[wow, nineteen. I’m an adult. I mean, yes, I was already one for the past 365 days but this is getting serious. I have questions. Like, can I still ask for a child ticket when travelling by the bus? Can I still watch disney movies? Can I still eat coco pops in the morning or do I switch to bran flakes?? Very important life changing questions.

I feel like the ages between 17-21 are complicated. To younger people, you’re seen as mature and smart; like you have your life together and just someone who should have the answers to stuff when something goes wrong. On the other hand, to elders, you’re still seen as somewhat of a clueless being. Which is true however. But anyways.]

– I have decided to share nineteen things I have learnt throughout my nineteen years of living:

1) Adulthood is weird.

We can’t wait to grow up but as soon as we do, we’d rather turn back to the life of watching cartoons, experiencing little to no stress and having no financial worries. But at the same time, at least we can stay up past 9:00!

2) Education is very important.

You can try to blend in with a social group of people and be the cool kid, but at the end of the day, knowledge is the only thing that stays. It holds value to your existence and opportunities. Take it far. (yes education is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only route to take. You can be just as successful without further education. Do what is right for you.)

3) “He who who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right” – Confucius

This is one of my all time favourite quotes. I think it’s so powerful in meaning, it can get the laziest of people up and out. Having a goal is step two. Having the right mindset is step one.

4) You should try something new.

You never really know what you’re capable of unless you try. I often stop myself before knowing whether it’s within my capabilities or not. For example with working at an estate agency, I initially wouldn’t have gone for it, because I honestly didn’t think I could get my head around the job/role. But a month later and I’m enjoying it and i’d say I’m doing okay at it too. Try; or you’ll never know.

5) Say yes.

Say yes to new things, food and experiences.

6) Spending time alone doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely.

I don’t know why people associate alone time with being lonely. I love my own time, in fact, I often make time to have a moment alone. Going for a coffee alone, attending an event or just 20 minutes away from mankind.

7) Work on your passions and don’t be ashamed of them.

People don’t have to understand or believe in your goals. That’s okay, they’re your goals. Just work at it.

8) Sometimes you have to trust your instincts.

Your head and heart don’t always know best. Sometimes it’s your gut.

9) Time will change you and the people around you – not matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Experiences shape character and attitude. Life is a journey and you can’t stay still. Change is good too, it means you’re learning, growing and moving forward.

10) “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

We spend so much of our time wishing and wanting. Often resisting to actually get up and do something about it. Success isn’t an overnight thing, and if it is, it was probably one long night. You have to work hard to achieve what you want.

11) Family is important.

This year has made me realise just how short life is. It passes by quickly as it is, but it also takes loved ones away. Keep em close.

12) Not everyone will like you.

Some people just will not get along with you and might even dislike you – regardless to what you’ve done or even haven’t done. It’s a personality clash more often than not. That’s not a problem for you, rather them.

13) Making mistakes is not a bad thing.

Everyone’s afraid of looking like an idiot if they fail. The bigger idiot is someone who doesn’t try something because of fear.

14) It’s important to prioritise the important.

Whether it’s work, school, university etc put it first. They’re things which you shouldn’t really mess around with. Sure, have a laugh and chill out throughout the day but don’t ruin a good thing which can make your life better for the future. You can’t live a life of luxury without working for it.

15) Being an adult has more responsibilities than it first seems.

There are so many things to focus on. Jobs, education, maintaining relationships, future prospects, finances etc

16) Distance and time doesn’t have to ruin a friendship.

True friendships will remain and/or grow even with distance and little regular contact. It isn’t always about 24 hour contact.

17) You don’t need to have the answer to everything.

We learn as we grow, and just because you’ve turned 18 or 19 doesn’t mean you need to have everything sorted. You’re an adult legally and on paper, but wisdom and adulthood doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself room to grow and learn.

18) Be kind to people – known or strangers

You honestly never know how much your words can change someones day or outlook about the world or themselves. Be that good person who is open minded and kind.

19) Do something great.

Do something and really give it your all. There are so many opportunities to be great and leave a legacy in some way. So try working for yourself and find that something which sets your passions/interests on fire and run with it.

I’d love to know your life lessons: What have you learned?

C’est la vie



8 thoughts on “Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt In My 19 Years.

  1. I love everything about this post — it’s so true!!! I remember feeling that way during that 17-21 age range, and now that I’m 23, I’ll admit that I STILL feel confused and both mature and immature at the same time. Fabulous post, and happy birthday! 🙂

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