An Uncertain Future

There are so many uncertainties in life, it’s almost difficult to know where to begin from. Life, death, chances and choices are all part of those unpredictable uncertainties we continue to live with. It’s part of the notion of life and it can  be a good thing if you let it.

I’m not a pessimist (not always), but the concept of not knowing what will unfold in the future is an uneasy feeling for myself. Especially when it comes to careers and life choices. I’m very open minded and my interests vary from topics and subjects. You can imagine how difficult it was to settle on a degree choice. Even now, I have a few doubts. I know I won’t hate it, but is it the right one? You can never be sure. It’s a risk many of us take.

In respect to university and careers, I think it’s best to do what I’m interested in and remain hopeful that the future will sort it self out. Worrying three years in advance won’t change anything. It’ll probably stress me out, but it won’t change the outcome.

Changing your way of thinking to adapt to the concept of an unpredictable future can be useful. Spontaneity is good, it adds validity to the day.Think about it. Nothing will remain the same. The job you’re at, will change. You might still work in the same place but chances are things will operate in a different way. The world is forever changing and embracing the idea seems better than fearing it. Imagine how boring it would be if everything occurred by the book. (not a book, but just, a book. Like, the book of life. But not a religious one. The physics of life – but not a evolutionary one. Just by – the book, ok. I hope we’re still on the same page. Not of the book though. There is no book. It’s a metaphor. Sighs.) 

At the end of the day, you can work day and night for a specific outcome but whatever will happen, will take place regardless to your efforts. My future is uncertain and unpredictable. So is yours. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work hard and let life do it’s thing. Seek to accept the not knowing. The idea of losing control of the little things. Keeping in the present and letting the moment take hold of itself. I’m uncertain about my future, my career and my goals. Sticking to what I know now is the best plan in place.

Unpredictability can be good; if you let it.


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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head there 🙂

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