If We Were Having Coffee

I recently read and admired a blog post by  titled ‘If we were having coffee…’. There are a number of reasons why I thought this blog-hashtag-trend was a brilliant idea. But the main and overall reason is that it allows several people from different locations and backgrounds, to reflect on conversation – be it small talk or not.

For those who aren’t aware – in a nutshell – #weekendcoffeeshare is bloggers from all over the country and world, publishing a post, which essentially talks to other bloggers – indirectly. The kind of talk you’d have over a coffee. Some bloggers choose to participate every weekend. Others, however,  do so occasionally.

Although I doubt I’ll participate every weekend, I’ll definitely post one each month, at least. Knowing me, I’d take part as often as I can, because I love coffee – hypothetical or not. So; here’s the start of many contributions.


If we were having coffee (which is extremely likely because going out for a coffee is one of my favorite things to do), I’d probably order a caramel latte.

The conversation would probably start with the weather, as it typically does in Britain. I’d mention that it’s been raining an awful lot recently, which is terrible for both my shoes and hair. Id ask what you’re doing, what you’ve done and what you plan to do. How someone keeps busy when they have nothing to do says quite a bit about a person, I think. I’d use the opportunity to reflect on my week and ask if anything particular occured with yours. The topic of conversation would start with the past but i’d like for it to develop into the future.

My week has been quite quiet. Job hunting is boring as the best of times; and with little jobs to match my desirable job and experiences it creates twice the boredom. But it’s something that needs to be done. One thing i’ve learnt though, is you need to have patience. Sometimes even courage to try (or apply in this case) for something that’s outside your comfort zone. Speaking of patience, i’d mention how I want time to fly forward to September so I could start my journey with higher education. It’s something I’m looking forward to. Having been there once before, I would share my ideas on university and what I think of restarting.

Of course in all this, I’d ask what you’re thinking.

Another cup? #coffee



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