Take A Moment

If it’s not YouTube, then it’s this fast pace society we currently live in. It’s almost becoming impossible to keep up with everything, whilst trying to maintain a normal, functional lifestyle. It’s like we’re living a modern crisis. Not a destructive one as such, but not a healthy one either. There are just so many distractions all around us, trying to grab our attention.

I’ve probably been naive towards the stresses of the world. Sure, I’ve been in education for the past several years of my life, but it’s obvious that working a full time job, almost 10 hours a day/6 days a week is much more different than sitting behind a desk in school. The hours put together might be the same (if you include revision etc) but the demands of working are heavier. So it seems at the moment anyways.

Because of this, I’ve been struggling to find the time to write, which is a) just an excuse for my lack of blogging inspiration/self motivation/energy (delete as appropriate) and b) is frustrating because i miss writing. I invested quite a bit of my time on my blog and hope to continue doing this in the future – regardless to what i’m working on outside of blogging.

I often try to unwind and switch off as best as I can after work. My brain is usually cluttered with agreements, tenants, numbers, spreadsheets, phone calls, emails etc etc. So after work I try to do the most mentally non-productive task I can. Which, typically, is watching a programme. Now I hate agreeing with this, but Netflix just might be overrated. The movies and series which are on there could be much much better for what members are paying for. Given said that, I don’t intend to delete my account, rather take interest in something new.

I’m taking a moment each day and am spending it by doing something easy. Taking time out for myself and relaxing. We’re so caught up in this fast pace society, we’re forgetting to look after our health and happiness. Try to take a moment; be it 5 minutes of an hour by yourself to just be you and chill out. Unwind. Take a bath. Read a book. Write. Do whatever you want; just take a moment.



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