10 Ridiculously Achievable Goals

We’re months into 2016, so I’ve definitely avoided the new years resolution annoyance. Despite this, I’ve still got goals and achievements I want to meet.It may not happen this year, specifically; but I want to make them happen at some point in the near future. I may not set a date to each and every one, but I think keeping them in mind (or on print) proves to be a better method of reaching them. Without prolonging this further…

Goals for here onwards include:

  • Start training for a half marathon and  5K/10K
  • Skydive (for charity or otherwise)
  • Try something new – food or activity
  • Volunteer with an organisation for 6 months
  • Read at least 12 books (one per month in 2016)
  • Increase blog following to 50+ by the end of 2016
  • Partake in a sport
  • Start running
  • Write a blog post weekly – minimum
  • Build a positive online network

I may return to this blog post and change things. This isn’t a goal for a lifetime, just something for the next few years.

As humans, I think we often let our goals/dreams slip by because we doubt ourselves; or in many cases, we let others doubt us. People are going to be critical of your goals especially if it’s something like running a marathon when you haven ran for over 3 years (referring to myself). The important thing to remember is that they’re your visions. Nobody else has to believe in what you’re trying to achieve. Nobody has to spoon feed you with encouragement, though it’s useful! It has to come from you.

I’ve wanted to do several things in the past, though I’ve never quite had the courage to step forward, acknowledge them and achieve them. I’m changing that.

Side note: I will return to this blog post on January 2017 to see what I’ve achieved.

What are your goals or dreams?

Is there something in particular, you want to achieve – big or small?


8 thoughts on “10 Ridiculously Achievable Goals

  1. Did I sense a bit of sarcasm in the title?(or was that just me) ;P Some great goals you’ve set for yourself, and I really do believe, (even though I don’t know you), that you can accomplish them:D
    The only goal I set for myself this year was to try and be happy, and stay more positive, and so far I’m doing fairly okay:) (If I set a bunch of goals I know it’ll be a thing I’ll feel pressured by, so I try to avoid that as much as I can)


    1. Hahaha it started off as a serious title but I saw the sarcasm in it and ran. I thought if i refer to them as such, it takes the pressure off and it seems more d0-able. If that makes sense! Thank you! I have more goals posts coming soon. But ones that are smaller . That’s a really good one. I am too, really! Do what is best for you!!

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