Why I Write

I write as a form of expression.

To articulate my thoughts; both past and present. My words are for myself, though I hope to connect with others. I write for those who can’t. For those with limited expression and articulation. For those who can’t find the words. I write to bring some sense to the chaos that presents itself in the world. For an open mind and clearer thoughts. For sincerity and tranquility. I write because it’s my passion and my deepest ability. I write because I can. Be it ink flowing like water on paper, or keys tapping on a laptop. I write to help others understand and relate. To inspire others. For others to aim higher and believe in their work. To encourage people to talk. To start a conversation.

I write to relate. connect. share.



11 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I can relate to everything you said here on so many levels! I think it’s so important to be able to express yourself whether it’s oral or written and for me I choose to write because that’s what I love the most!!!


  2. So deep…. An adjective which I also link to water! It reminds of myself, the reason why I write. I write, because that is how I pour my soul and connect with the universe. I have just got started with my blog, which somehow helps to move forward and hoping to be of help of others like me in the world.
    Thank you for inspiring me 🙂


  3. So true!!! I’m glad there’s someone out there who gets it! These are the exact reasons I write too. Such a good Way to let everything out. I’d love for you to know Check out my blog too. It’s got a lot of different thoughts, lessons and inspirations on there.


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