Gap Year: Keeping Busy

I feel like the wait for university to begin in September is ever so slow. Perhaps it’s because i’m ‘waiting’ for it. Instead I guess I should be getting on with life and maybe the time will arrive sooner – who knows. When you think of taking a gap year, you initially assume, summer jobs, lots of money, relaxation and going out and getting involved. This might be true for a few, but the truth is you end up working and spending the rest of your time of doing almost nothing. It seems necessary to give yourself a break, seeing as you’ll be back to the world of education and stress pretty soon.

Quick ideas for taking a gap year:
– Get a job
– Volunteer
– Take on a new hobby/sport in your spare time
– Visit new places

I didn’t plan my gap year as such. I ended up dropping out of university after roughly 4 months from starting (i know). I don’t regret the decision, despite the additional debt that lingers over my head.

I’ve been home for a few months now and my time is mostly spent reading and writing (this). Looking for a job is soo difficult, especially when there is little out there on offer for an 18 year old with minimal work experience. I think I might start looking for voluntary work, as that’ll keep me more busy. Let’s hope I can find something good locally.

If you’re currently on a gap year, how are you spending your time?

Thanks for reading!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ktwritings says:

    I’m currently on a never ending summer break!
    so i get how boring it can get at times
    mostly i spend my time reading, blogging and watching movies 😛


    1. FyzaZubs says:

      I feel the same way. I too engage in the same trilogy :p

      Liked by 1 person

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