A Year Later

It’s two thousand and seventeen.

A warm and welcoming happy new year to you all. Although it’s only day 13/365, I hope the start to this year has been pleasant.

Speaking for myself personally, my new years eve was spent in my empty university flat, alone, with a box of domino’s pizza and movie. Though it may sound lonely (wasn’t so much), I enjoyed it. I enjoy my own company. And this night wasn’t going to be an exception.

Over the course of last year, like several people around the globe, I set myself an extended list of things I wanted to work on or achieve over the year 2016. You can see my full post here – if you’re interested in reading more.

To avoid further blabbering and suspense, let’s see what I achieved in 2016:

Start training for a half marathon and  5K/10K
If you know already, I’d spoken about a desire to run a half marathon – or 10k. I had started training early last year and developed a running related injury which caused me to take a 2 week break from running. And what do you know, my motivation for running decreased with each rest day I took. Despite this, I will be working on this, this year also. So I guess I can half-tick this off. As I technically have started training.

Try something new – food or activity
“Try something new. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know if you like it.” These is a phrase which my dad still uses to this day, to encourage me to try new foods (I can be a little picky.) I’ve in fact done both. I’ve tried different Middle Eastern food, Chinese and even the regular takeaway – i’d order something different. It’s not an enormous achievement but I believe little changes are good. Trying something new is good. And interesting.

Read at least 12 books (one per month in 2016)
I read 5 books, which isn’t that bad considering I’d starting working long hours and then moved to university at the end of the year.

Increase blog following to 100+ by the end of 2016
ACHIEVED! Thank you to each and every one of you who clicked that follow button. Whatever interested you, I invite you to stick around and hopefully you’ll see more and we’ll share more content and engage further – positively.

Start running
I have now been running on and off for almost a year. For someone who wouldn’t initially have considered running as part of her routine, this was a immensely positive step and decision to creating a healthier me. Also a good run can make you feel great.

Write a blog post weekly – minimum
I will be back on this! One of my main aim is to publish a blog post each week, at the very least. Settling into university took over for a few months, I am ready to illustrate my thoughts and contribute my form of self expression.

Build a positive online network
Contributing to an online network such as a blogging atmosphere can be rather grand and almost too big. Finding like minded people is the key foundation to have when having a blog. I follow many lovely people and I believe I am slowly starting to build a network – of course, this is a long term goal and the process is prolonged.

I hope you’ve had a pleasant start to the new year. Time is indeed a man-made concept, but do use this fresh year to be a better you.



3 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. That is quite a list you have there. Probably, I should copy it, but I am way too lazy, like how I plan to go for a run in the morning, but wake up so late that it becomes time for lunch. 😛

    Anyhow, Happy New Year. Have a great year ahead and also may you complete all the resolutions you made for the year.

    Take Care. Keep Writing. :0


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