Tips For New Bloggers: 5 A Day

I’m fairly new to blogging (it’s been a few months) and if you’re anything like me, you’d want to get stuck in pretty quickly. Looking for ways to get involved and help your blog reach people – even if it’s a small 5. I’ve read posts and searched online for simple ways to engage with blogging in a productive way.

I’ve listed 5 ways in which new bloggers can kick-start their engagement with blogging:

  1. Read other people’s blogs. ACTUALLY read them. Sometimes we have a tendency to just like a post from a blogger we like or know has good content. Take the time to read all of it. Some posts might be long and some short.
    For new bloggers, there is this nerve to want to throw yourself into the blogging community to get some recognition. Desperately, even. Just read people’s stuff. You will be inspired, motivated and even hooked onto a topic or point that suits your interests.
  2. Leave comments. If you’re going to take the time out to read someones work, let them know. Tell them what you thought and any general feedback you’d like to give. People always appreciate it. And although seeing that people ARE reading, it’s nice to know who. (also to avoid the doubt that perhaps nobody is reading and your views have been taken over by an internet monkey!) Leaving comments will help connect and build a network.
  3. Like, follow and re-blog. This has the same effect as leaving comments. You’re letting your fellow bloggers know that you’re enjoying with their content. This builds a network. Follow other bloggers, engage and participate.
  4. Follow (hash)tags. Adding and following tags is a brilliant way to find posts which interest you. It’s giving you what you want. It helps you gain ideas for topics and future posts by searching the tag, especially if you know what you want to write about but can’t get started. If you tag the right stuff on your posts, you can also help find your audience. Look at the tags that other fellow bloggers are using too. It will enable you to find new topics and exciting ideas.
  5. Take part in tags, challenges and community prompts. I will get you chatting to a lot of new and/or experienced bloggers. Many reply to comments, particularly on blogs such as the Daily Post. Challenges are quite popular and so it will draw in newer readers to your content if you take part. The Daily Post publishes a prompt word every day. This is great for when you’re hitting writers block or can’t shake your brain cells enough to create an idea. Be part of the blogosphere!

If you’re an experienced blogged or have a few tips you’ve learnt along the way, feel free to share them in the comments section below.



28 thoughts on “Tips For New Bloggers: 5 A Day

  1. These tips are great! I especially like #1. When I first started blogging about a year ago with my other blog, I never read other people’s blogs, and I missed out on so much! I feel more inspired to blog after reading other people’s posts.

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    1. I was the same at the start, I think we all have a tendency to want to throw ourselves out there! There is so much to take in from reading other people’s blogs and tbh we all benefit from it in some way!


  2. I’m reading this about a year out from when you originally posted, but I found your advice really relevant and helpful! I feel like when I first started I read dozens of posts that all kind of said the same thing, but your advice is very raw and to me it comes across as though you’re really speaking from your own experience. Thanks for sharing these tips!


    1. I’m glad it helped you in some way. I’m still learning to follow my own words aha. There’s a lot to learn but we’ll get the gist of it with time and experience x


  3. Commenting on other people’s blogging is a great way to gain audience. I always share my blog posts to the community pool, which gives even more access to my blog.

    Sometimes when commenting, I invite people to read my blog


  4. Hey, I am also new to blogging, just took off this month of June.. So these tips really helped. I wanted to start from here so here I Am ….lol
    Thank you


  5. Great post – some good comments. I might be considered an experienced blogger (2 and a half years), but still feel I have a lot to learn.

    I definitely think it is worthwhile for new bloggers to spend time developing their craft, not just we writing, but it is handy to have a little bit of knowledge of html and css so editing can be done in the html view.

    Do a lot of reading, particularly on the areas that interest you. You might not realise it at the time but it will help improve writing skills and give inspiration for your own writing.

    Also some new bloggers need to learn patience, there is a lot of content on the Internet and it grows by the day so it is always disheartening to see a talented blogger quit after doing it for a short period of time because they haven’t got many page views.



    1. Thanks for the feedback! You’ve made some really good points, which I’ll definitely take into consideration! It’s true, I guess new blogger rush into it a little too. Must stay patient and just keep writing 🙂

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      1. No problem! I think the temptation is to want instant hits, likes, comments, follows and a sight full of insights, but I guess like anything in life it takes patience, persistence and hardwork 🙂

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  6. I am fairly new to the blogging community and at the very beginning, I was posting my written works and from there was a little stuck. The WordPress courses have really helped me out immensely; I am now receiving feedback and constructive criticism as well as communicating with other fellow bloggers and finding out about their blogs.


  7. I liked the post and was actually going to scroll down, but then I realised that I’m being a brat and should let know about my thoughts. You have covered up the basics of building a good network really well. Keep up the good work! Have a nice day!


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