Like A Girl

#InternationalWomensDay Today is a vital day in continuing to recognise the fundamental importance of standing strong as a women, supporting others and keeping a voice. One of the reasons why I exercise my freedom of expression is to fulfil the privilege I have of simply obtaining one. I’m free to express myself, vocally, physically, creatively – in whatever manner I find myself. I acknowledge that … Continue reading Like A Girl

More Than a Pretty Face

We’re a distracted society. We place value and attention on materialism and consumerism, yet discard the things that hold meaning – our values, nature and character. In a society so distracted we praise the most, with the most. The most in followers, attention, wealth, assets. We’re so busy chasing this idealistic notion of life, we ignore that there is quality behind a character. The quality … Continue reading More Than a Pretty Face

A Search for Solidarity

“More than 80 people died in a Pakistan terror attack last night – where exactly is the hashtag and the solidarity?” (article linked at the bottom.) It’s funny* how this wasn’t the first thing I read when I woke up. Instead, I had to dig it out. Unless you voluntarily refuse to concern yourself with the news or are simply ignorant, ISIS follows their own extremist … Continue reading A Search for Solidarity

Thoughts on the Muslim Ban

I’d be taking my freedom of expression and articulation for grated if I weren’t to discuss a matter as consequential as this. I can choose to stay silent and follow the pattern of mediocrity and simplicity. But I won’t. I chose to discuss the darkness, edge and ugliness of different matters – especially if I’m (in)directly affected by them. Your views and opinions may differ to … Continue reading Thoughts on the Muslim Ban

A Year Later

It’s two thousand and seventeen. A warm and welcoming happy new year to you all. Although it’s only day 13/365, I hope the start to this year has been pleasant. Speaking for myself personally, my new years eve was spent in my empty university flat, alone, with a box of domino’s pizza and movie. Though it may sound lonely (wasn’t so much), I enjoyed it. … Continue reading A Year Later