A Student Experience.

If it seems like I’ve neglected my blog recently, your assumptions hold nothing but the truth. But I respectfully cannot apologise as this change in my life would have undoubtedly prompted some time away from writing. As you all know I’ve started university and am currently weeks into the course.

It’s interesting. There is a compelling amount of work and reading and assignments and more reading – but I can’t necessarily complain (I will. Several times a week. Over and over.) but this is what I signed up for and so I shall grit my teeth and power through.

University is a real eye opener. You suddenly realise just how crucial it is to stay grounded and look ahead at the future. Well, I do anyways. Because you’re no longer in the company of peers whom you’ve cherished experiences with during your teenage years, or seeing the same tutor everyday, or barging into their classroom when you have a concern that just cannot wait. You’re left on your own and you do what you need to succeed and survive. We’re no longer kids. We hold our own hand (hypothetically) when crossing roads.

Everything you’re taught from childhood to your late adolescent years present themselves now. And i’m not just referring to cooking and laundry. Your character shows. Your authenticity and work ethic shows. Who you are now, matters. Because it’s this that will take you far.




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