30 Things I know About Life.

I don’t have years of experience nor do I know a great deal of life. Some may argue that being 19 means I don’t have much to say. I’m still learning. But here’s a thing (or 30) I know about life so far.

  1. Coffee is great. In fact, a day-changer sometimes.
  2. You don’t have to decide what you want to do in life just yet. Time will help.
  3. Speaking of time, it will pass by quicker than you realise. It seems like I was taking my GCSE’s a few short weeks ago.
  4. Enjoy the little things. They matter most.
  5. People will do things differently, take a different path and make different choices.
  6. Not everyone will like you.
  7. Β It’s okay to waste time watching movies on netflix. or youtube.
  8. It doesn’t hurt to be kind.
  9. Drink more coffee.
  10. The Lion King is one of the best animated movies.
  11. Worrying about the future doesn’t change it.
  12. You should focus on yourself.
  13. Keep goals. They’re good for motivation.
  14. You can never have enough cake.
  15. Take each day as it arrives.
  16. Be kind to strangers.
  17. Keep loved one close to you.
  18. You won’t keep in touch with everyone from previous friendships. Time moves on. So do people.
  19. It doesn’t hurt to watchΒ that extra episode of your favourite programme.
  20. Nobody ever took a risk and regretted it (unless they got hurt etc).
  21. Natural talent isn’t necessarily real. Those who have succeeded well at what they do have worked hard to get there.
  22. It’s best to be open minded.
  23. Looks do matter. Take care of yourself and your appearance.
  24. Honesty is the best policy. But sometimes a white lie doesn’t go amiss.
  25. Sometimes it’s better to not argue with idiots. Save your breath.
  26. Being kind is important but so is being real. and sometimes real isn’t kind.
  27. Every day can be the start of something new.
  28. Failures make you better.
  29. You can’t expect everyone to understand you or your way of thinking. That’s life.
  30. Coffee is great!

Feel free to add to this in the comments section πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “30 Things I know About Life.

  1. this was rather sweet and had it’s own share of wisdom. also, you seem to love coffee. i really liked reading you. also, you’ve really pretty eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. After this covid-19 lockdown, I’m going to get back to working full time at a private nursery. However, I plan to go back to university to do my masters in psychology πŸ™‚


  2. Such a great post! I love all of these especially number 10, I agree with that so much! Hahaha! I thInk it’s great to have an attitude like this towards like because yakno sh*t happens that you may not like but you got to get on with it! You have such an inspiring blog and I’ll deffo be keeping tabs on what you write in the future! πŸ’—


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