A lesser road

The Lesser Road (racism)

I’ve grown to become increasingly aware that my brown skin makes me a target, my image problematic and my name, difficult. As if, instinctively, it incites an imprudent thought/reaction from some. Continue reading The Lesser Road (racism)


No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

If you’re a student and haven’t, at any given point, needed to pull an all-nighter, I have one burning question. How? If you miraculously haven’t (and I sincerely applaud you for having your life together). One thing I can tell you now is, overall – it’s not a pleasant feeling. And I would know, I’ve pulled off several. There’s this shift from a ‘high’ euphoric feeling (which only … Continue reading No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

Must Watch Shows on NETFLIX

Netflix, the reason for all procrastination. If you’re anything like me, then you can spend hours on Netflix – you enjoy a good programme. or any programme as a matter of fact, so long as it entertains you. This doesn’t just concern Netflix but any media-entertainment company. ITV, BBC Iplayer, Channel 4, Amazon Prime etc etc. I take such an obsessional interest in crime-based programmes … Continue reading Must Watch Shows on NETFLIX

What It’s like Living in the City

I moved out to a city-based university last sept. My accommodation was placed in the heart of Bristol where all I was required to do was step outside and the city was beneath my feet. I loved it. I loved everything from the traffic that found itself outside my window, specifically during rush hour on a Friday night, to the late night wanderers screaming at … Continue reading What It’s like Living in the City