The Lesser Road (racism)

I’ve grown to become increasingly aware that my brown skin makes me a target, my image problematic and my name, difficult. As if, instinctively, it incites an imprudent thought/reaction from some.

In My Twenties

I intend to make my twenties, my selfish years.

Inner Critic

I read a source which stated that ‘the average woman criticises herself 8 times a day.’ That’s more than you would ever drink tea over a few days. Which, actually (unfortunately) isn’t that surprising. I do it. I know many others find themselves doing it too. It’s become a norm of some sorts. Embedded within…

No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

If you’re a student and haven’t, at any given point, needed to pull an all-nighter, I have one burning question. How? If you miraculously haven’t (and I sincerely applaud you for having your life together). One thing I can tell you now is, overall – it’s not a pleasant feeling. And I would know, I’ve pulled off several….

Must Watch Shows on NETFLIX

Netflix, the reason for all procrastination. If you’re anything like me, then you can spend hours on Netflix – you enjoy a good programme. or any programme as a matter of fact, so long as it entertains you. This doesn’t just concern Netflix but any media-entertainment company. ITV, BBC Iplayer, Channel 4, Amazon Prime etc…

What It’s like Living in the City

I moved out to a city-based university last sept. My accommodation was placed in the heart of Bristol where all I was required to do was step outside and the city was beneath my feet. I loved it. I loved everything from the traffic that found itself outside my window, specifically during rush hour on…