Prison Break: TV Tag

I’M SO EXCITED to share this post and my absolute love/obsession with Prison Break. Thank you to my fave blogger/friend/writer Shan for tagging me to do this, do check out her blog and show love where you can! I’m a massive lover of Prison Break and of course the brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).I could re-watch specific episodes/scenes and quote … Continue reading Prison Break: TV Tag

No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

If you’re a student and haven’t, at any given point, needed to pull an all-nighter, I have one burning question. How? If you miraculously haven’t (and I sincerely applaud you for having your life together). One thing I can tell you now is, overall – it’s not a pleasant feeling. And I would know, I’ve pulled off several. There’s this shift from a ‘high’ euphoric feeling (which only … Continue reading No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

Racism: My Response

Apart from the cryptic racist with undervalued, ignorant opinions, the average person just wants to go about their daily business without any significant hassle disrupting their routine. No ones after drama. or stress. or dispute. People who seek the contrary are a small representation of humans and the fortitude we carry amongst our day to day lives. I recognise that. Despite this, I acknowledge that … Continue reading Racism: My Response

More Than a Pretty Face

We’re a distracted society. We place value and attention on materialism and consumerism, yet discard the things that hold meaning – our values, nature and character. In a society so distracted we praise the most, with the most. The most in followers, attention, wealth, assets. We’re so busy chasing this idealistic notion of life, we ignore that there is quality behind a character. The quality … Continue reading More Than a Pretty Face