Dear Millennials

Dear Millennials, Those of all ages, genders and identities. Whether you fit into the ‘generation y’ or ‘generation z’. This one is for you. We’ve grown up around smartphones and gadgets, tablets and apps. Our whole societal identity is based on technology. Bookmarked as problematic. Unsocial. Selfish. As well as stupid, ignorant and lazy. We’re a generation starting conversations on matters ahead of our pace … Continue reading Dear Millennials

10 Ways to Find Motivation and Stay Inspired

Pick up ideas from listening to peoples conversations. Evesdrop. Pay attention to the world. Ideas are all around us. It’s just about discovering them. Visit a new shop or location. Different places generate different ideas. Read books. Short stories. Long novels. Just read. Take a break and do nothing. Sometimes you need to recharge; for fresh thinking. Watch documentaries. or factual programmes for broader knowledge. Create a … Continue reading 10 Ways to Find Motivation and Stay Inspired