Tips For New Bloggers: 5 A Day

I’m fairly new to blogging (it’s been a few months) and if you’re anything like me, you’d want to get stuck in pretty quickly. Looking for ways to get involved and help your blog reach people – even if it’s a small 5. I’ve read posts and searched online for simple ways to engage with blogging in a productive way. I’ve listed 5 ways in which … Continue reading Tips For New Bloggers: 5 A Day

Sobering Justice

This is a quick short fictional extract I wrote. This is more or less the first attempt, so advice and comments are welcome (do leave some constructive criticism, even.) ***** It was in his moment of complete sobriety where his drunken accusations unfolded upon a inhospitable court room. No doubt he could have escaped the forced silence of hushed voices and muffled coughs if there weren’t a officer … Continue reading Sobering Justice

Behind Closed Doors

The Story Behind The Door: Fictional reverse poem They are wrong. Our family is perfect, Long before people can say There is a problem. Nobody will admit that They have it worse. Shattered glass and dented walls That’s not here to show There is something Making the house more welcoming There’s no visible violence Doors slam shut At the end of the day That’s not what we do Happy smiles and safety … Continue reading Behind Closed Doors