Racism: My Response

Apart from the cryptic racist with undervalued, ignorant opinions, the average person just wants to go about their daily business without any significant hassle disrupting their routine. No ones after drama. or stress. or dispute. People who seek the contrary are a small representation of humans and the fortitude we carry amongst our day to day lives. I recognise that. Despite this, I acknowledge that … Continue reading Racism: My Response

End of First Year

I’ve finished my first year at university! It’s been a crazy wild ride, with many good memories, late nights and several energy drinks, but I’ve finally finished. For me, there’s a greater sense of contentment as I have actually completed the year and that alone makes me so happy. If you’re a student, the thought of dropping out of university would have undoubtedly crossed your mind – … Continue reading End of First Year

10 Ways to Find Motivation and Stay Inspired

Pick up ideas from listening to peoples conversations. Evesdrop. Pay attention to the world. Ideas are all around us. It’s just about discovering them. Visit a new shop or location. Different places generate different ideas. Read books. Short stories. Long novels. Just read. Take a break and do nothing. Sometimes you need to recharge; for fresh thinking. Watch documentaries. or factual programmes for broader knowledge. Create a … Continue reading 10 Ways to Find Motivation and Stay Inspired

Like A Girl

#InternationalWomensDay Today is a vital day in continuing to recognise the fundamental importance of standing strong as a women, supporting others and keeping a voice. One of the reasons why I exercise my freedom of expression is to fulfil the privilege I have of simply obtaining one. I’m free to express myself, vocally, physically, creatively – in whatever manner I find myself. I acknowledge that … Continue reading Like A Girl

More Than a Pretty Face

We’re a distracted society. We place value and attention on materialism and consumerism, yet discard the things that hold meaning – our values, nature and character. In a society so distracted we praise the most, with the most. The most in followers, attention, wealth, assets. We’re so busy chasing this idealistic notion of life, we ignore that there is quality behind a character. The quality … Continue reading More Than a Pretty Face

Thoughts on the Muslim Ban

I’d be taking my freedom of expression and articulation for grated if I weren’t to discuss a matter as consequential as this. I can choose to stay silent and follow the pattern of mediocrity and simplicity. But I won’t. I chose to discuss the darkness, edge and ugliness of different matters – especially if I’m (in)directly affected by them. Your views and opinions may differ to … Continue reading Thoughts on the Muslim Ban