Losing Weight and 3 Tips to Help

If you don’t know already  – I am a newly qualified level 3 personal trainer. I’m not a fitness guru (yet?.) Fitness involves an insanely large scope of information and I couldn’t, shouldn’t be expected to know all the answers. Heck, even those who have decades of experience in the fitness industry cannot give you all the answers. (given said that I know how to train, plan and customise workout plans and programmes to help you reach your goals) – so, you know, I do know stuff and I have a certificate for it.

But lets cut to the chase. If you’re trying to get fit and lose a couple of pounds but are struggling, I want to give you a few un/conventional tips – on how to get started or how to keep going.

  1. Re-evaluate your purpose/intention. Why are you trying to lose weight? What are you trying to achieve and how will losing weight get you there. Before you say, to fit in a dress etc, I want you to start with a different answer. Away from anything physical. Shift your purpose away from how you want to look or how you think you should look. Your purpose should be – and I don’t want you to cringe but – to be healthy if not healthier. Above all else, make your health your ultimate goal. Don’t drink celery juice because you heard it will make you drop 10 pounds in 3 days (please don’t.). If you’re going to drink it, drink it with the intention of fuelling your body with nutrients or flushing out your system or aiding digestion. ‘Losing weight’, getting fit and whatever you will, comes from an active lifestyle change. If you chose the quick route, expect to bounce back quicker. Start your intention away from numbers, dress sizes and pounds and focus on your overall health and wanting a healthier lifestyle for yourself and I can promise, with consistency, results will follow.
  2. Motivation. I know I said to focus on shifting your purpose away from dress sizes and numbers, but give yourself something to motivate you. Something to work towards. An *ideal* body or a specific goal you have in mind. Perhaps it’s wanting to see your abs show. Growing your glutes. Strengthening your back. Or simply, dropping the pounds. It’s probably stupid for me to say re-evaluate your intention away from your body and now say to motivate yourself with such fitness goals. Having a fitness goal is not an issue – it’s letting it completely overtake your journey – is where it can become an issue. Knowing what you’re working towards, will help you stay on track and motivated to keep working. *There is no ideal body. We’re spoon-fed information on what is attractive and what is not, what we should chase and what not. As long as you are healthy, your body is perfect. Do what you want. Do what is best for you.
  3. Add a variety. Don’t just do the same thing every day and please don’t let that be running on the treadmill for ages (unless it fits your goals, for say, becoming a track runner or training for a marathon). Your body will also adjust to your workouts, so if you keep doing the same thing for months on end, at some point your body will hit a plateau and stop changing because you’re no longer challenging it. So change it up. The treadmill is perfectly fine but perhaps mix it up. Do a 15 min HIIT (high-intensity interval training) instead of an hour-long run. Or switch to bodyweight exercises. Use resistance machines and build on your strength. Attend a class of some sort, or if you don’t feel comfortable yet, youtube some. There is a lot that you can find online, Zumba, dance, yoga, HIIT workouts. Make it different. You’re more likely to stick to it and tbh most importantly, you’re enjoying the process. Fitness doesn’t have to be something you hate. If you hate it, you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. So, choose something else. Hate running but need to do cardio? go swimming. ride a bike. dance. use a stepper. take up skipping. There are alternatives for almost anything.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions feel free to dm me 🙂

Love, Fy x

21 thoughts on “Losing Weight and 3 Tips to Help

  1. These are great tips. I’m currently on a bit of a fitness journey and although my main goal is to tone up, I wouldn’t be opposed to losing a bit of weight too. I love HIIT workouts cos I do tend to get pretty bored so I love switching up the exercises so often!

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    1. Toning up goes hand in hand with losing some body fat so you’d lose weight depending on how much BF you carry. Though I would suggest going by how your clothes fit and feel and not use the scale xx

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  2. Love your point on mixing it up! I have found that doing the same thing gets a little tedious and nothing creates motivation for me then trying something new. I have been looking into HIIT exercises, and love what I see.


    1. Look online for PT courses in your area (or you may end up needing to travel, as I did) and contact them for more information. It’s not cheap, so look into how and if they help fund. Each company is different and if you’re happy with what they’re offering, apply with them. If I can help more, message me directly and I’ll see what I can find online for you x

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    1. It’s not easy, but staying consistent is really the key to most of it. Anything else i can help with, don’t hesitate to message me directly x


  3. You make some really good points! I definitely need variety when it comes to working out. Switching up my workout each day really helps me to challenge all muscle groups. Also i find working out with others motivates me as well!


    1. Change it up every other day, you can repeat workouts but maybe throw in something new every now and then. So important to challenge your body/muscles!


  4. Congratulations on being a qualified level 3 personal trainer! I agree with you. You need to see why you want to get fit. Is it to have a better body or a healthier lifestyle? It takes a lot of effort not only in working out, but diet too! YESSS on variety!! I find myself doing different workouts everyday easier. Also it is important to let your muscles rest! So focus on different parts each day would help a ton. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree with changing it up, it makes sticking to exercise much easier than repeating the same boring workout! xx


  5. My issue with exercise has always been motivation and finding something I enjoy and am likely to stick with. Walking is all very well but it’s not the greatest calorie burner. Still, as you say, focusing on a healthy lifestyle is better than focusing on weight gain! Lisa

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    1. Try exploring other effective cardio based activities. Can look into Zumba, dance, skipping! Once the lockdown eases, swimming is a really effective workout which I’m excited to start again myself! xx


  6. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m trying to lose weight for multiple reasons and it’s always been something I’ve struggled with in a way so it’s great to get some advice which is genuine and comes from a healthy mindset – the focus on living a better lifestyle rather than just a physical change is definitely key! Thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts x

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