Get To Know Me

I asked my followers to send me questions, and I was surprisingly met with a lot. I didn’t/don’t intend to make this an extremely long post so I’ve selected a hand full.

What’s the reason behind your blog name, what’s the purpose of your blog, what motivates you to continue? @withloveyossy

At the start of making this blog, I intended to have a focus on “culture”. Culture can be viewed as the customs, arts and social interactions of a particular nation, people, or other social groups. As well as a value of the arts and human intellect. Examples include culture of diversity and pop culture.

Whilst I may not talk about all, or within the exact category provided it gives an outline of some of the topics you can expect. My title name includes “eighteen” as I was 18 when I created this blog!

The purpose of my blog is to share; ideas, interests, opinions, a story etc.

Lastly, what motivates me to continue writing and blogging is the support and comments from others. I relish in the process alone, but receiving messages from strangers all over the world who compliment my work and/or thank me for addressing a specific topic encourages me to continue.

What’s your favourite aspect of blogging? @TheBooksProphet

Quite simply, it would be the ability and freedom to write, create and converse. I love writing, in whatever format that finds itself, and it’s humbling to be able to share and receive some recognition/feedback on it. Also, a close second is the blogging community you can get involved with, with many who are so supportive and encouraging.

What made you want to start a blog? @madiyaswardrobe

I have written a post on why I write but simply put, I started blogging because it’s a passion of mine, something I love doing – writing, content creating etc.

Who are the people you are the closest in the blogging community? @heyyitsmelina

I couldn’t say I’m close to any one particular group as such as I’m always open to connect with others. But tbh anyone who engages with me often within the online blog-community.

What’s your fave takeaway meal if you like them @SimplyBennyBlog 

I’m a lover of takeaways (though I do know when enough is enough). You can’t go wrong with a dominos margarita pizza.

What has been your favourite memory in terms of blogging? @leslieleon97

I wouldn’t say I have any ‘memories’ but my favourite moments in terms of blogging would probably relate to whenever I reach a milestone. Be it getting 100s of views or 100+ followers.

What has been the best day of your life so far? And (you don’t have to answer) what has been the worst? @BhindtheGeek

The best day has got to be when I met Wentworth Miller in May earlier this year!! In terms of worst, I’d say the day(s) I lost a close relative.

What is your dream job? @TheBooksProphet

It’s always hard for me to give a single response to this because my interests are so vast. I would love to work as part of an investigative team, focusing on missing people, or working part of a charity (or whatever the organisation may be) helping victims of abuse. Somewhere in a criminal field, I’d like to think.

What’s the square root of pi @thebloggershub_

Is this a joke?

Anything you’d like WordPress to change? @TizzyMatic 

If I were to change (or add, let’s say) something, I’d probably like it to show a “followers” and “following” section where you can see a drop-down list, as you would do with other social media platforms. I feel like it would make interaction and networking with other bloggers much easier.

Who is the best person you’ve met online @shanvalentine_

Cheeky question, as you know it’s probably you!

Is there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be and why? @BhindtheGeek

I honestly wouldn’t know where to start lol (insert list of insecurities). But I’d start with my health and fitness, as I wish I was fitter and more athletic. I could also go on about changes in appearance but lets not.

Do you have any ideas or goals for your blog in the future? @Leggo_MyMeggox3

There isn’t necessarily a cap on what my blogging goals are, I’m always adjusting them to how and when I see things fit. I just want to get bigger in terms of audience/reach and better in the quality of my work.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. This post literally wouldn’t exist without you.

Faye x

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