Dear Millennials

Dear Millennials,

Those of all ages, genders and identities.

Whether you fit into the ‘generation y’ or ‘generation z’. This one is for you.

We’ve grown up around smartphones and gadgets, tablets and apps.

Our whole societal identity is based on technology. Bookmarked as problematic. Unsocial. Selfish.

As well as stupid, ignorant and lazy.

We’re a generation starting conversations on matters ahead of our pace of movement and growth. We’ve learnt how to use and utilise smartphones and social media. Addressing and diffusing issues caused and carried by those before us. The structure of society now is ours to change, and we’re beginning to change it. From trending and recognising #blacklivesmatter to adjusting current gender expectations. We’re starting that conversation now more than ever. We are not stupid.

We’re a generation growing into a problematic society where its people and those who walk amongst us are, in 2017, nazis or trump supporters. We are forced to grow up quicker, where it’s essential to carry a phone so much more for safety than for selfies. To educate ourselves on politics and relations and terror attacks; integrating pieces of adulthood into our youth. We grow more knowledgeable about the world around us. We are not ignorant.

We’re a generation living in an expensive society/world. Working overtime in underpaid jobs with unappreciative people at undermining places. The cost of living has risen but people also fail to realise that the ignorance of the older generation follows. We’re growing in a society where half the jobs which once were being carried out by people are now done by technology (or made easier) by machinery. It’s not as easy to get a job. It’s not as easy to work for yourself. It’s not as easy to get a degree with the increasing depth of debt. The margin of error and failure is wider now. We’re trying to make it work. We are not lazy.

We’re constantly reminded of our downfalls. Of our lackings and failures. Of who and where we’re not. Repeatedly reminded of what we’re not. We’re trying to thrive in a time where it’s essential to know what you want to do and be before it’s even time to make that decision. Amongst the selfies and smartphones, now more than ever does it also seem harder to take a moment to care/love yourself, without being ridiculed for being “self-absorbed”.

We’re doing what we can, with what we now have.

A fellow millennial.

Faye x


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  1. Wow, so insightful! I love how you’ve tackled our modern day monsters that hide in our back pockets everyday – vibrating!
    This is a fantastic piece and you truly have encapsulated our society so well! ✨✨✨


  2. This… is utterly brilliant. The word “millennial” is used almost as an insult but I’m proud to be a millennial because everything you’ve said rings true. The thing that winds me up the most is how older generations don’t understand but also WON’T TRY to understand how things are so dramatically different now. It’s almost as if they try and make it a competition sometimes on who “had it worse” and it’s so not about that. My boyfriend’s brother is in his mid 30’s and still living at home and doesn’t have a steady job. His grandparents seem to think it’s okay to call him lazy and that he’s not trying and “just go down to the post office and ask for a job” and they just don’t GET that’s not how it is anymore. It’s infuriating. Anyway, I’m off on a tangent haha! Brilliant post ❤ xxx

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