Types of Flatmates You Should Expect to Meet at University

If you’re looking forward to university but the idea of living with strangers for a year is creeping you out, or you’re just trying to grasp an idea of the kinds of people you might live with, then this is the post for you.

I’ve lived in University halls – twice. So I’ve lived with two very diverse/different groups and I’ve learnt a thing or two about some the types of people you may encounter. Here goes.

  1. The organised one
  2. The cleaner
  3. Dirtbag
  4. Party-goer
  5. Never leave their room type aka the ghost
  6. The borrower

The Organised one
This is the one person that will have brought along essential items which you may never have even thought of (or rather forgot). First the obvious; bin bags, air freshener, kitchen roll. Then the items you might at first think are pointless, but will probably thank them 3 months into your stay. They’ve thought it all through. From worst case – to – best case scenario. They’ll have planned Christmas through to Easter from the moment you arrive.

The Cleaner
Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do the cleaning but they’ll remind you that it needs to be done. They’re watching over you as you leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Looking at you as you walk away from the mess you made in the corridor the night before. They’ll sigh at your entire existence because it compromises their’s whilst living with you.

The Dirtbag
I find/found it so hard to live with people who meet this criteria. It’s every ‘cleaners’ nightmare. You won’t notice this person at first because everyone is putting on a lovely, easy to get along with – facade at the start. But wait until the 3rd week in and all that goes away. There’ll be mould starting to grow in odd places, hairs left behind in the show and you’ll probably never see their room floor (because at this point, it doesn’t exist.) for the odd few seconds they’re not closing it in shame.

The Party-goer
This person is down to party Monday through to Sunday. If no events are on, they’ll invite the party to your flat. You’ll see them going out more than you’ll ever see them study. That doesn’t mean they’ll fail. These kinds of students do actually exist. They’re not just your textbook student rebel. They will want to be seen/heard and you’ll eventually try your best to avoid them when you have deadlines creeping.

The Ghost
No going to lie, this was me by the end of the first term. I didn’t not get on with my flatmates, but I learnt to find little relevance/commonality/interests with them. And so I distanced myself away and focused my energy on those I did vibe with. Now I didn’t become your typical never leave the room type but I did single myself out. But that aside, this is the student who will hardly leave their room and if they do leave their room, you won’t see them. It becomes a mystery as to how they do anything. From eating to taking a shower. They’ll almost always go completely unnoticed.

The borrower
Opposite to the organised, this student will have somehow managed to get to university and move in only to realise that they forgot several things. Conversations may start in whatever manner they will, but somewhere in the midst of it, expect to hear “oh btw, can I borrow…”. The classic laid-back student. Sometimes they’ll ask you, other times you’ll just notice your refrigerated milk slowly being used up.

If you happen to live with people you don’t necessarily get along with, or those you feel aren’t your type of people, don’t fret. Your flat is a pin drop, feel free to map out and discover those you can relate/resonate with. Join societies, clubs, meet those in your lectures/seminars – build a network around you.

Faye x

5 thoughts on “Types of Flatmates You Should Expect to Meet at University

  1. That’s exactly what I’ll do for the next year. I don’t live in halls but in a shared flat with three other girls and I don’t think that I’ll get along with them. Right now I’m trying my best to make friends at uni and join societies so that I won’t have to be around them all the time. (If you read my latest blog post, you’ll exactly now why!)

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    1. Honestly I feel like the best way to get around is through societies and clubs. I felt stuck with my flatmates thinking they were all I was going to have at uni but I went on to make friends for life 🙂 I hope you’re doing well and uni was/is going okay (besides the lockdown!) x

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