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I’M SO EXCITED to share this post and my absolute love/obsession with Prison Break.

Thank you to my fave blogger/friend/writer Shan for tagging me to do this, do check out her blog and show love where you can!

I’m a massive lover of Prison Break and of course the brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).I could re-watch specific episodes/scenes and quote it word for word at this point and that’s no exaggeration.

(Also can I just throw in that I’ve met Wentworth Miller (and Dominic Purcell “Lincoln Burrows”), and he is an absolute gentleman. Pure at heart.)



Let’s start with your favourite parallel. – Two scenes from separate seasons that have similarities.

In SEASON ONE amongst the chaos of the prison riot Michael finds his way back and reunites with Lincoln. In the same way, during the LAST SEASON, it’s hard not to notice the same embrace and brotherly love as Lincoln finally gets a moment with Michael.


Who is your favourite character?

Obviously, it’s Michael Scofield. Look at the man! The character of Michael is the essence of Prison Break, and Miller delivers the principles of the show flawlessly. Scofield’s a genius of sorts, yet mysterious, cunning and charismatic all in one go. He’s the man with the plan. The man with every contingency planned out (and tatted on his body). You love all his little strategic patterns, like the origami bird which is now his trademark. Nothing but love for him.


Who is your least fave character? 

It took a moment to pick one that was clearly justifiable. I’d have to say, Wyatt Mathewson, without hesitation. You know, the man who killed Mahones son. I hated every second he was on-screen.


Name a character you should hate but love?

Theodore ‘TBAG’ Bagwell. It almost feels wrong to love him. You know you shouldn’t – but you do. The actor’s (Robert Kneppers) role is absolutely legendary/iconic. With every strong protagonist, there needs to be a rival to keep the show alive. T-bag does exactly that. He’s a favourite for his witty replies/remarks, absurdity and somehow his allure. A character built on the physiognomies of a psychopathic murderer, it takes real talent to get an audience to love you.


What is your favourite episode?.

I have two. The pilot (obvs) but I’ll share S01 Riots Drills and the Devil (P1 and P2). It’s during the prison riot, and things start to get heated. Tbag discovers the hole behind Michael and Sucre’s toilet, Abruzzi’s involved etc. It puts you on edge and you get a real taste of the anticipation and apprehension that’s to come.


What is your least favourite episode?

I wasn’t a huge fan of season 03 as a whole. It seemed to drag and there were a few characters (like Lechero) that I wasn’t fond of either. But there were, however, strategic moments which would later develop significance like Sara’s fake death and Whistlers bird book which T-bag goes on to steal.


Name a scene that made you cry the most?

Season 04: Ep22 / The Final Break. Michael’s death. A death which breaks my heart every time, knowing he deserved better for all his love and sacrifice. I still cry despite now knowing he’s alive.


What is your favourite friendship on the show and why?

‘PAPI’ and Michael, OF COURSE! Fernando Sucre. The sugar to the show. The brother from another mother. He’s just lovable and his loyalty and devotion to Mike is so gratifying to see. He’s just so sweet. I mean, he knocked over a liquor store for the girl he loved and just wanted to impress!


If you could choose only one episode to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The S01 pilot. We’re acquainted with the ploy behind Michael’s stunt in the bank, and the entire gimmick of the show – the escape plan. Michael had contributed to the design of the prison with every step of the escape, elements of the blueprint and every contingency mapped out, in the form of a tattoo. It’s just incredible. Normally shows take a few eps to get into. Well, not Prison Break. AND, ofc the S05 ending. It still gives me chills.


Name a character you hated at first but loved in the end?

Alex Mahone. I loathed the man at the start when he first made his appearance in S02. He was just too sketchy and occupied in wanting to end Michael, then killing Tweener and Haywire. His character development was so commendable, as through into Sona we see a different side. One which becomes favourable in season 04. I fully think his character redeemed himself and I loved him working with Michael and not against. A true dream team!


Choose a favourite quote from each season. What are they?

Season 01:

“We’re not breaking out of a Jamba Juice, gentlemen.” Michael Scofield


Season 02:

“Picture makes me look like a sociopath!” – Theodore Bagwell


Season 03:

“I gotta commend you on that boom box trick. Very sophisticated. You steal that one from Home Alone?” – Gretchen
“You fell for it, B-tch!” – Lincoln Burrows


Season 04:

“We are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our own creations.”Theodore Bagwell.


Season 05:

“Poseidon was monitoring my communications with everyone who could possibly be a resource or an ally, but not with people I despised.” – Michael Scofield
“Give it to me straight, how you really feel about me?” – Theodore Bagwell


LOVED writing this and sharing my answers with you guys!

Have you seen Prison Break? IF not, I cannot recommend it enough. You will be hooked, watching it until 4am. 


45 thoughts on “Prison Break: TV Tag

  1. I’ve watched all the seasons of Prison Break and I’m watching it again! It’s an incredible series, it really does get me at the edge of my seat even though I’ve seen it before. My favourite characters are Scofield, Burrows, Sucre and Sara. The Pope is cute too!

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  2. Oh I hated Mahone from day one but I love prison break.
    You are so right on the friendship of Michael and fernando but I will say michaels and Lincolns friendship is just so pure and the strength is definitely there.
    I do want to re-watch it now and I didn’t enjoy season 3 as I was so confused and a little of season 4 so I had to re-watch some episodes so I could understand what was going on. 🙂

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  3. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS POST! I absolutely adore Prison Break; think I’ve watched it through 3 times and it never gets any less amazing. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said – I love T-Bag, even though I really shouldn’t. I just think he’s really funny! I also loved Alex Mahone, his character just GOT ME from the get go. And when his kid died, man that was sad. I despised Gretchen, with a passion. Don’t think you can beat season 1 can you? It was so bloody clever.


    1. Listen to your bf and definitely watch it, you seriously would not regret it at all! If anything, just watch the pilot ep and if it’s not your thing (which I highly doubt it isn’t) then leave it. But you will be hooked, I can be sure of that! (Also just look at the brothers (esp wentworth), that’s more the reason to watch!). Let me know how it goes if you do watch it – I’m on twitter @cultureeighteen 😀 xx


    1. I wouldn’t say it’s gory (apart from let’s say, the odd moment) which is very rare! It’s also got violence but once again not the horrible, heavy handed violence and that too, not a lot. Rather just your typical manliness and the kind of violence you’d expect to see in a all male prison-show! I’d suggest watching the pilot episode and see how you feel about it. But can almost guarantee you will be hooked onto the show haha!


  4. Thankyou for reminding me how much I really do love this show – I have all of the seasons on box sets so far- think I might have to have a binge watch session


    1. Haha pleasure is all mine! I bought the show on box set too (just in case netflix takes it off, which they probably will do in the future)! Definitely rewatch haha!


  5. I’m so jealous you met “Michael’ !! He does seem like a total sweetheart. Also, I kind of like Theodore as well. He’s got that crazy attitude but every scene he’s in never disappoints!


    1. Ah he was honestly just as sweet/beaut as you would hope he’d be! Tbag is one of those characters you should hate but end up loving, he brings so much humour to the show. Definitely wouldn’t be the same without him!

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  6. Love prison break! I’m still on season 3 but the ending was spoilt for me by a friend haha. Also, just thought I’d let you know that I nominated you for the blogger recognition award ☺️


    1. I love it too (as you can tell from this post!) ahh that’s horrible!! I avoided all spoilers online when season 05 was on tv! Was not having anyone ruin it for me! Ahh that’s so kind, thank you so much! I’ll check it out xox


    1. Thank you haha! I loved writing it too was so much fun. Would totally read it if you wrote a post on it too, as it’s a tag I can nominate you to do it! And michael is obviously going to be a favourite ;D

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  7. Oh I love this show so much!! I started it a couple years ago and only made it a few episodes in and now I am going back to start again. I’m still only a few episodes in, but it’s just so dang good. Michael Wentworth and Dominic Purcell are both incredible. (btw how did you meet them??) Sucre is fantastic too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It was so fun to write! I don’t know how to stopped a few eps in! I was hooked straight away. They’re so amazing!!

      I met them at a convention earlier this year in May! (I updated my post with a picture so you can see ;)). Sucre is so sweet, bless him!

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  8. I read through this earlier and loved it. This is what you call passion for something. Prison Break was amazing. As a villain Teabag was my hero


  9. Omg! I used to watch prison break but stopped years ago and this is bringing back so many memories!! I used to love Tbag! well, at least hate to love him :’) great post, I may just start watching again xx

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