Blogger Backlash

I’m writing this as a part response and part, here’s what I have to say.

If you were online yesterday, specifically within the blogging community, you may (or may not) have noticed a form of backlash, as most bloggers responded to a post which caused a lot of upset, particularly to beauty bloggers.

This isn’t an attack on the author of the post, rather simply a response to the subject-matter itself.

Let me start by saying that I agreed with some of the post. I think the concept was valid, but the delivery of his notions was wrong/inappropriate.

(Note that I didn’t say I agreed with all that was included in the post).

I personally like to encourage/engage in vital discussions, raise important topics and address matters which need addressing/recognition; like racism, political affairs, education, diversity etc.

Whilst it’s important/necessary/good to address them, it’s also essential to do so at a time, place and pace we feel comfortable doing so. It’s important to note – not everyone has something to say. Not everyone wants to have a say. Not everyone wants to share their say. They have every right to do (or not to do) so.

See, blogging is personal. It’s as intimate or as formal as one makes it. It’s someone’s voice. Their passions. Interests. Hobbies. Ideas. Conversations. And Stories. There is always someone working on something different, for someone different. Blogging has no rules. There are no guidelines, nor a right or wrong way of doing it. It’s platform to write what you want, as you want. In the same way that social media is.

I do understand/resonate with the author’s overriding point (in terms of how we could address issues more – this is excluding the waffle about beauty bloggers) but issues need be spoken about, recognised and addressed as a society as a whole. Realistically, when you’ve got fu-king Nazis on the streets and trump as president essentially encouraging hateful behaviour, us bloggers aren’t the main problem, nor can we solve a societal issue. It’s the society in which we feed into.

You can talk about important topics, but not at the expense of belittling the work of others.

You also can’t sit around reading trumps sh-t all day. We need light. Humour. Inspiration. And sometimes a distraction. We need both the ugly, very ugly and the good. And then the great. To keep us balanced. To keep us sane.

I’ll end this post by saying, do you. In whatever way that finds itself. Whether it’s taking flat-lays for your beauty post, sharing a trip overseas, reviewing a book you enjoyed, addressing the hard facts about racism. Or maybe it’s some of everything. Your work is needed/valued/appreciated and someone is waiting to read it.

Keep writing. Keep being true to your passions.

Faye x


23 thoughts on “Blogger Backlash

  1. A beautiful, passionate way to talk about what blogging is; I have never seen it better described then when you said it is someone’s voice.

    With so much writing out there, it is hard not to disagree with content matter at times, but I always appreciate that someone wrote it and never attack the writer. One of the best things about blogging is that it is your time to share what you have to say and feel comfortable doing it. 🙂

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    1. Absolutely! We’re going to come across posts we don’t like, see the point of, or don’t agree with, and that’s okay. We’re probably not the target audience. Of course this is within reason as if there were say, hate blogs spreading then that’s a different story. When it’s subject matters, albeit as random as they can be, we’re free to write as we wish! ☺️


  2. I totally agree! Blogging should be about whatever feels good to you! That’s what makes every blogger unique! Thanks for sharing this.


  3. I honestly have no idea what’s happened but I completely agree with you! Blogging is flexible. Blogging can be anything we want it to be. Kinda like clay but much much more awesome 😄 Amazing post!


    1. There was just a bit of backlash and drama online about a guy who said (or, rather posted) some things which were attacking in ways. I agree with you, it’s how and what we make of it. Thank you!


      1. Oh wow, it seems like every month someone has strong opinions on the blogging community. But this is such a huge and diverse place and you’re right, it is how we make of it. 🙂


      2. There seems to be one thing or another being said, but this one seemed to get alot of backlash (understandably, too). Totally agree. Thank you for reading!


    1. I totally agree, blogging is a flexible/personal platform and us, as writers can adjust and create and shape it however we want. We can write what we want, as we want but we must also take responsibility for our words and delivery!


  4. This was so well said! I completely agree with this post. There were certain things that were agreeable in his post, but I don’t really like the tone it took. It kind of had a condescending tone to it. I think he’s a great person, and didn’t mean any harm by it, but at the same time I have respect for all bloggers, no matter what they write about. well said Faye xxx

    Melina |

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    1. I’m glad you also agree! I feel like his message wasn’t entirely wrong, what he was suggesting was right but his delivery and approach was the issue! I totally agree with you there, thank you!! xx

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  5. It went crazy last night, i couldn’t keep up with it! But i totally agree with what you say, a blog is a persons place to feel safe and express themselves, and they should be able to do just that!


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