In your twenties

In My Twenties

It's my 20th birthday today. And my twenties are going to be my selfish years.

Not out of spite/resentment, but as a form of self-affirmation.

The way I see it, these few years ahead are crucial. They are mine to mould, craft and shape in whatever direction I see fit. Personally and professionally. To choose me before others. Unapologetically. To use what I've previously learnt, through trials and tribulations of my teenage self, and manipulate those lessons to drive me forward. To not look at a mistake and see failure but to recognise the opportunity for growth and improvement. To live and let live.

To choose me before others, again.

Unapologetically. Honestly. Sympathetically.

I'm learning to follow my own intuition, and two decades later the greatest lesson I've learnt from the path I've walked is the importance of self-care. To selfishly put myself first. And to own the confidence/apprehension/vulnerability that accompanies it.

The sweetest blessing I can/will embrace in simply my being. Right in this very moment.

Here's to honouring my youth. Embracing the journey. And becoming the woman I know and can be.

Faye x



40 thoughts on “In My Twenties

  1. Welcome to your twenties! Finding who you really are and taking risks is exactly what you should be doing 🙂 great post, I’m 24 and have realised I should be doing more of it!! X


    1. Hey!! Welcome to the 20s club! Thank you, I’m glad you did feel that way, I often try to write in a way which resonates with others. Sometimes it does, like with yourself. Other times it doesn’t (and that’s fine too)! Thank you very much! Same to you x

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  2. I love this tbhly, im turning 20 in a few months and I’m pretty sure I wanna do the same thing for the next few years – look after and improve myself as much as I can. I wanna take the time to put myself first and really invest in self care! It’s so important, I’m really realising that lately. Good luck adulting haha I hope it all goes well!

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  3. Happy birthday! We were born almost on the same day (mine’s the 8th) but in different years. I agree that you should absolutely be ‘selfish’ in your twenties!! So far I’ve spent a year in New York, travelled around the US and Europe, danced in a contemporary youth company, and made friends all over the world. Your twenties are awesome!!

    Kathrin —


  4. Happy birthday/belated birthday? But Happy 20th birthday! I have to say that you are completely right in putting yourself first in these next coming years. You need to figure out who you are, what you want, and who genuinely cares about you! I’m super excited to see what you do throughout the next few years. I expect huge things from you xxx

    Melina |

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    1. Thank you! (Still my bday for the next 2 hours). It only seems fit and now in my 20s seems like the right time to focus on myself, as I’m sure others should too. That’s so (so) kind thank you so much!! xxx

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