No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

If you’re a student and haven’t, at any given point, needed to pull an all-nighter, I have one burning question. How?

If you miraculously haven’t (and I sincerely applaud you for having your life together). One thing I can tell you now is, overall – it’s not a pleasant feeling. And I would know, I’ve pulled off several.

There’s this shift from a ‘high’ euphoric feeling (which only lasts a few short hours – if that) to feeling weak and ugh. But before this, it’s a kind of buzz you get from drinking too much coffee or if you’re immune to coffee like me, then rather like you’ve stepped out of a speeding car.

(I quickly searched this and apparently it was found that ‘the pleasure circuitry got a big boost after a missed night’s sleep.’) Hence the feeling of euphoria and increased energy. Oddly, I found that getting no sleep made my face look more awake and fresh. Not a beauty hack.

But eventually, it shifts to a feeling like the laziest, fattest devil is sat on your shoulders, dragging you from place to place. Mentally you’re unable to follow a sequence of orders properly. As least I felt like I couldn’t. I remember trying to get through the day on no sleep (over more than 24 hours) I went to get myself a coffee frap from Starbucks and I just fuzzed out. Not in a crazy-serious way but my sense of presence and articulation had decreased by that stage.

I just felt like my brain was in slow motion. I was there but not really. I stood in line for a minute or two deciding what I wanted, and by the time I was asked what I wanted, I said the wrong thing. Tried to correct it but even the staff looked at my confusion with even more confusion. I’m also a generally indecisive person when It comes to food etc so this wasn’t helping lol. The best way to describe this is feeling s p a c e d o u t.

I wanted to sleep because I knew I needed it to feel right, but by that point, I couldn’t just attain it. I had passed the window for when my body would have allowed me to sleep, and so I was to wait until my body really started craving some sleep again.

That was at 1 am that night. 



17 thoughts on “No Sleep for Over 24 Hours

  1. Once when I was younger (maybe 6-8?) I couldn’t fall asleep one night so I stayed up all night but the next night I crashed haha. I was probably up for about 30+ hours.
    Loved reading this by the way!

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      1. Me neither! It was before I started drinking coffee so it had nothing to do with that… I honestly still don’t know how I was able to manage that

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  2. Unfortunately I work nightshift whilst looking after 2 kids during the day so sleep is a thing of the past for me, but I can totally under the feeling sluggish part when the euphoria dies down, its horrible 😦
    Loving your style of writing, it’s nothing ive seen before!

    Heather xox


  3. I really like your style of writing – you’re so personable and likeable! Really enjoyed this piece – more than I enjoy all nighters that for sure!

    I’ll definitely be reading more of your stuff! Xo


  4. Ah I hate nights like that, unless i’m out partying! I didn’t go to uni but I definitely have felt like that on nights where i’ve needed to finish things off for work etc. Horrible feeling, how long of uni do you have left?


    1. It’s such an indescribable feeling, I don’t think i’ve done the actuality of it any justice. I’ve just finished my first year so ive got two long years filled with allnighters ahead of me. Thank you!


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