July Goals!

I occasionally like to set myself monthly goals to try to meet/maintain. It gives me a little sense of self-purpose and focus. Also, this way I can look at what I’m working towards and check progress at the end of the month. This month I want to focus on my blog more and health.


Set up a blogging routine. My posts have been very sporadic and spontaneous in regards to uploads. I want to set days where my readers can expect a publish. Perhaps publish every other day (mon, wed, fri and maybe sat). And, I think for myself it’ll help having that routine so I can remain consistent.

Schedule post in advance. You get two main types of bloggers. Either the kind to write, perfect and schedule posts, weeks in advance or the kind to stay up during 1 am spontaneously writing away the night before. I am the latter. I want to change that.

Redesign the look of my blog. I feel like I want to change things up. Utilise a different theme.

I want to reach 250 followers on my blog (+100) and reach 500 followers on twitter – follow me @CultureEighteen


Drink more water. I’m aiming for around 2 litres per day. Given said that, I know I’ll spend a lot of time visiting the toilet, which can be annoying when you get comfortable on the sofa (but it’s healthy, so..)

Eat more fruit (making smoothies). I’m talking more than just the one occasional apple.

Drink more green tea. Try new herbals teas.


Get a job – I’m home for the summer from university, broke and have time. So why not?!

Spend more time with family and loved ones. I want to soak up as much love as I can.

Read more books through this summer period. I have a STACK that I want to get through, (and perhaps I’ll blog about them after).

Boosh. July goals are set. Do you/have you set your monthly goals? Let me know what they are and how they’re going for you!



8 thoughts on “July Goals!

  1. Good luck with all your goals! A lot of mine are similar, especially the get a job one, I have been looking for ages for a part time job to no avail 😩 Hopefully your search goes easier though and you get around to reading all the books you want! X

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