End of First Year

I’ve finished my first year at university!

It’s been a crazy wild ride, with many good memories, late nights and several energy drinks, but I’ve finally finished.

For me, there’s a greater sense of contentment as I have actually completed the year and that alone makes me so happy. If you’re a student, the thought of dropping out of university would have undoubtedly crossed your mind – several times. Well, last year I did exactly that. But I knew I desired to continue my education and so I returned without regrets. Exams are done and assignments completed. The sense of relief is indescribable.

Predictably, a lot has occurred over those several months. I’ve experienced all random social situations like being stuck in a flat party with people you don’t really know, nor do you want to know them or think you recognise someone but really, you’ve got the wrong person, learning how to cook and live independently, etc etc. The living like an adult thing isn’t as fun and free will as it seems. From the outside, yes. I loved that I could run out and get something to snack on at stupid hours, and not have to think or worry about anything other than that in my surroundings (and what I choose to attend to). But the laundry, cooking “healthy” meals for yourself and not only making the food but eating it before it goes off, too. There’s all the little things like making sure you have enough soap or washing up liquid or stocking up on loo rolls so you don’t need to make a last minute dash to the convenience store. You don’t think about these things because usually, they’re already done at home. So that’s the bad, Well, not really the bad but the boring adult side. I still loved every light or dark moment, for I know it’s all a learning process, and maybe I’ll laugh at some of the stuff in a few years time (for now, I’ll cringe in silence).

I have however now moved back home for te summer and there’s so much I want to do over these few months that I’ve got ahead of me. From getting a job, blogging and creating (regularly), reading books, watching endless crappy tv, my fave series, catching up with old friends and just enjoying the education-free time that I have.

So, that’s all. I apologise for my lack of articulation. It’s a total mess and I receive that, even as the writer. I’ve become so accustomed to writing academic work and essays, I’m trying to find my creative flow again. Though, I know the fire to write, create and converse will ignite again. I trust the process.

Thank you for reading this mess, I promise better posts are coming soon. Follow me, comment and join me with whatever I choose to do over these next few months.



10 thoughts on “End of First Year

  1. I’ve just finished my first year at university as well! It’s such a relief to be home and having lovely cooked meals made by my mum again ahahaha! Although, saying that, I am actually making more of an effort to learn how to make pre-prepared meals. (I even cooked a homemade lasagna for my family the other day, which I was so proud of!)

    But, yes, it took me aback the amount of things I never really considered whilst living at home with eating food before it goes off, weekly shopping, etc. University was certainly a wake up call for me!

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk


    1. Getting home cooked food is by far the best thing about coming home (also having a clean hot bath away from the gross uni showers!). I’ve still got a lot to learn cooking wise, but living away was defo the start to that! Enjoy your summer and best wishes for second year! x


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