More Than a Pretty Face

We’re a distracted society.

We place value and attention on materialism and consumerism, yet discard the things that hold meaning – our values, nature and character.

In a society so distracted we praise the most, with the most. The most in followers, attention, wealth, assets. We’re so busy chasing this idealistic notion of life, we ignore that there is quality behind a character. The quality to work, love and exist.

I’m occasionally told i’m pretty (subjectively, of course).


I’m humbled by such comments. But I’ve learnt (and am continuing to learn) to not apply importance to these remarks and more often than not will I brush it aside. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the sentiment or hold gratitude for their expression.

Although it is nice to hear that my overall appearance is welcoming – I’m human, I do still take comfort in these comments.

But I’m more than a pretty face.

In a crowded room full of people, I’d much rather be acknowledged as someone with intellect and a work ethic. Someone who has passion and a desire to work and do. Because that’s where change happens. That’s where progress takes place. I believe as people we’re often disconnected with ourselves. We are whole but we are also a hole. You can never be truly content if you chase the desire to please others and increase your ‘likeability’ from strangers. If you like yourself, in a humble way, people will learn to do the same.



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