Results day, UCAS and University

It was results day the other day; and although I’ve completed my a levels last year and have an unconditional offer from university, I can sympathise with those who would have woken up in apprehension. Even though I have my place guaranteed, I had felt a little anxious on Thursday, as the whole prospect of university is suddenly starting to feel real again.

I didn’t have a straight forward journey with university as, if you’ve read my posts on uni etc, you would know this. I was always indecisive about what I wanted to study. I changed my course several times, reconsidered institutions – the lot! I went from wanting to study psychology to nursing to law to criminology to social work back to psychology and all over again. I think it’s natural to doubt your decision, especially if it’s a grand one like this.

So because I changed my course, I had to reject all my offers and apply one by one through UCAS Extra. This was scary! Because I needed to be sure of the uni I applied for, as there wouldn’t have been a “deciding process” and I sure as couldn’t reject them and ask to apply again if I changed my mind later.

I sat on my laptop endlessly, trying to collect all different (yet important) aspects of an institution and basically weight out the pros and cons. It was still limited as my course was kind of specific so I had a list of 3 or 4. Everyone around me (or so it seemed) received their offers and were sure of what they wanted and where they were going. It made me feel even more lost, crappy and confused.

I managed to get down to two institutions and if I remember correctly, it was between some university in Birmingham and West of England, Bristol. The courses were very similar and tbh I wasn’t very fussed at the time. I just wanted to secure something for September. My final choice was based on accommodation and location, and for whatever (personal) reasons, I knew I didn’t really want to move to Birmingham. So I firmed UWE (West of England uni).

E5J6JsJnI did, however, drop out of UWE, which sounds unhelpful to add as if you’re going through the UCAS process after receiving your results, this is the last thing you really want to hear. You can read my reasons for leaving that university here.

I will, however, add that I do not regret applying (and then leaving) the West of England University, as if I hadn’t done, then I would never have realised how much I love the city of Bristol and wouldn’t have met some friends, with whom I’m still in contact with now.

This was my personal decision and a journey specific to me. You will go through different options and decisions to what you deem to be fit for yourself. Think through your options carefully, call institutions and take your time. If you’re not sure, take advice from others and talk to family/friends. Worse come to worst, you can take a gap year and really take your time with deciding what it is you want.2461948891ef8f17f0b3e84aea4f8397

Good luck with your future. Whether you decide to attend university or not!



3 thoughts on “Results day, UCAS and University

    1. Thank you!! Aw well done on getting your results for uni! Honestly it’s completely up to you! Don’t rush into the decision, you can always defer the year and take a gap year to decide what you want to do! x


  1. Read it, just for you ☺. I got all the grades I needed to get into uni, I picked the course I wanted to do then I doubted my confidence so much that I decided not to go. I got an apprenticeship instead, I’ve been stuck in the job now for 7 years, I’ve made mistakes and would do things differently given the chance. I should have left the nursery where I worked after I qualified but I didn’t. I now have the confidence to do what I have wanted to do for the past few years. I’m starting a teaching assistant course in September, we always get to where we want to be but it sometimes takes a bit longer but we learn things along the way xx

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