An Introduction

Hi, I’m Fyza.

and telling me to write about myself probably counts for the second hardest thing you can ask. Second to, what do you enjoy doing?. Not that I don’t have a common share of interests but to find the words to fit a norm of social activities is difficult. My interests are wider than what my words can say in the short space of 45 seconds you allow for me to say something extravagant in. Hopefully, I won’t have to struggle to list it out. Rather you can join me and understand what I like, enjoy and engage in through my blog posts. Briefly put; I’m 18, from the UK and I enjoy coffee more than the average person.

I do consider myself to be a little studious. Reading books, writing (blogging) are all  things that keep me interested. I have a fine interest for knowledge and engagement. What that means is, contributing to an interesting conversation. Something that makes you think and question and learn and engage – fully. Not just talking about what other people are up to and how Person A has starting to gain a little weight and how Person B is getting engaged for the 3rd time *rolls eyes*. Rather focusing on myself and doing something meaningful with my time.

I don’t spend all my time reading. In fact, it’s occasional (if you exclude online reading). I, like most Netflix-loving individuals, would agree, I too love a good movie and programme. Or in some cases, series. I’ve recently taken an interest in photography. Which I’ll probably share along the way in a gallery or something (we’ll figure that out later).

I had attended the West of England university (located in Bristol) from September to just after Christmas time. The use of the word ‘had’ being, I made the decision to drop out for a few reasons, and come back living at home. I do intend on returning to uni this September; particularly after firming an unconditional offer from the University of Bristol – which I am very excited about. So I suppose blogging will not only be my method of helping time pass but also another source of entertainment.

For now, I thank you for reading. Whether you just so happened to click on my blog due to interest or curiosity – I hope you choose to come back.


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